Dylan Thielmann

Project Engineer
From a young age Dylan was always intrigued by big job sites with all the machines and tall buildings. As he grew older and started to work in shop class, he knew that construction was what he wanted to do. Dylan's favorite part about construction is seeing the area go from a grass lot to a new building. Seeing all the pieces that look like nothing then work together to make a building is satisfying for him. In Dylan's spare time he likes to watch sports, (any sport expect tennis), being outdoors, spend time on a lake, hunting, spend time with friends and family. He would like to travel to Nashville and Las Vegas and top oh his travel experience is a trip out west to go elk hunting. A normal workday looks like: Assisting PM’s with daily tasks such as submittal review, client meetings, budgets, executing subcontracts, change orders, PO’s, and providing sups with information they may they need.