Landmark Oaks

Partner: Potter Lawson

For the Landmark Oaks project, we constructed a new five-story Class A office building shell and core complete with underground parking in a previously underdeveloped urban setting. Great care was taken in the site design and layout to maintain century-old oak trees in the center of the property, which also offers stunning views of downtown Madison due to its high elevation. Because of the unique nature of the property, we installed extensive retaining walls. On the building's exterior, finishing touches included brick, stone, metal panels, and Nichiha composite siding.

One of our favorite parts of Landmark Oaks is the oak leaf-patterned ceiling, inspired by the experience of sitting below an oak as sunlight filters through the leaves. This stunning ceiling was not without challenge, though. In order to correctly position the lights and sprinkler heads so that they wouldn't drop into a "leaf hole," a cardboard template of the leaf pattern was cut out to use onsite by the tradesmen working above the ceiling.