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Archipelago Parking Ramp

Madison, WI


Potter Lawson


163,427 ft²


The Archipelago Parking Ramp is a crucial part of the redevelopment plan for the East Washington corridor. It provides parking for WHEDA employees, with a fully enclosed skywalk on the third floor that leads them directly to the office. Parking also is reserved as a convenience of Hotel Indigo guests.

The project was a massive undertaking that involved the removal of 18,759 tons of contaminated soil from the site. This translates to 987 dump trucks. After the clean fill was brought in, 379 piles were driven into the ground to provide support for the structure. This is our most extensive post-tensioned (PT) project, requiring over 5,200 cubic yards of concrete for the decks and 817 cubic yards for the columns. This is equivalent to just is over 650 truckloads.

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